Has anyone else noticed that New York's Bridge and Tunnel Crowd (otherwise known as "Jersey") has adopted the Chelsea look? These days, you can barely tell the overly-plucked, overly-shaved, overly-worked out Jersey Guidos trolling New York's streets for drunk women from the overly-plucked, overly-shaved, overly-worked out fellas down in Chelsea. This site documents "macho" Jersey's strange obsession with the gay look.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We're going to take a short break from posting. Many thanks to Gawker and all of the readers, however. Over the past two days, we've averaged 4,000 hits a day and the comments and commentary written about the site elsewhere have been overwhelmingly positive.

We're glad that you enjoyed our product. :)


Anonymous said...

For real? Don't give up. I'm gay and I think this is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. If Details can do it, so can you.

Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

By my read, all the site said about this guy was that he was (a) a personal trainer, (b) gay, and (c) had horrible taste in music.

None of these seem very offensive to me. And definitely not homophobic.

Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

For Christ’s sake, stop being weak.

You should be proud that you are getting this kind of attention. It’s hilarious that people put themselves out there with the pre-concieved notion that they are hot, without actually knowing what they ACTUALLY look like, on the web AND in person. You point out some really, REALLY funny stuff – things all of us would laugh at if we saw the person in real life at a club (as you can’t tell me we don’t ALL make comments to total smucks who walk in thinking they are God).

You think Simon Cowell is where he is today because he lied about what he thought or sugar coated how ridiculous people look? You, in fact, are not passing judgment, you are simply displaying… and it’s about damn time. You are doing what all of us do anyway (which is why I think it’s brilliant).

It certainly was NOT homophobic. It was certainly NOT something that most gays would take offense to. It’s not near as brutal as "am I hot or not". There is freedom of speech and we all have a right to voice our opinion, especially under the realm of "humor". If any whiny-ass bitch tries to attack you, you will have the backing of many, MANY gay people and many, MANY straight people who have intelligence, a funny bone, and a life. I say, “bring it on.” Why should you be made to feel bad about people who aren’t ‘out’ and yet have shirtless pics trying to cruise for dick on the internet? Why should you be made to feel bad because other's egos are more important than their reality? Why should you shamed, you didn’t break the law or alter the pics?

There will ALWAYS be those few homosexuals who do nothing in life but walk around trying to be offended by everything… their oversensitive and completely useless in society (to be fair, there are many straight people as well). These people LOOK for things to be insulted about, even if it has no merit. These people are addicted to drama… and it’s not your problem. You can’t cater to these people since all they do is hold back humanity from going forward in unison, gay and straight, men and women.

One thing I don’t like is to see is actual intelligent humor being squashed under pressure. What is anyone really going to do? What CAN they do? You have a right to be funny, and you certainly were. You were not homophobic. You were, after all, gaining popularity for a reason. You were gaining (positive) popularity among the gay community for a reason, too.

So, again… for Christ’s sake, stop being weak.

David said...

Oh please. Do not think for a minute that what this site was doing was homophobic, racist or mean. It is humor. Loretta Scott King was talking about a serious issue, not a internet humor site.

The people that post their picture on the internet cannot be stupid enough to not know that that image is out there for the world to see and comment upon. If you do not want your image poked fun at, don't post your picture.

This site is great. Not once did they say that their opinion is fact. It is an opinion. If you do not want to read it, don't.

Please keep on posting gayorjersey, it has already become one of my favorites.

Who knows... one day after I decide to post my amateur modeling/porn shots on the internet I may see myself up their being lambasted. And you know what, I'll probably laugh at myself and the four other dudes up there rather than drag legitimate, committed gay rights causes into a mild case of self-embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

I'm gay and love this site and in no way find this offensive to "my people". In fact the gay friends I have shared it with love it. You should keep posting and not worry about a few queens with no sense of humor. peace out

Josh Drimmer said...

don't do this now, my man. or at the very least, leave the previous posts on the site. how else is your meal ticket going to succeed?

wbfnyc said...

Oh and Matt if you don't want to be made fun of don't put your picture up on a public website that anyone can see. That is like rule #1 about the internet.

Jonathan said...

I was just turned on to this site, and I think it is one of the funniest, most original websites I've come across in a very long while. I am gay and I live in New Jersey. It is a huge mistake to call anything about this site homophobic. I can understand that Matt might be upset, but he is overreacting. It is not like you posted any personal information about him other than his name and picture. You didn't even say which social network you found his profile on!

And it is shameful to call this site homophobic. In high school, I was harassed, called every name in the book - English and Spanish - and even had food thrown at me. All with teachers turning a blind eye. That was homophobic treatment. AND I got off easy! How many people get the shit beat out of them or even killed? That's homophobia. My advice to Matt is to own who you are and take the stick out of your ass. If you were comfortable with yourself, you wouldn't feel the need to cause an uproar. Besides, I thought you were kind of cute.

And, by the way, GLADD and the HRC, if they really would have any interest in this, need new priorities. They need to be doing better things with the money they are hitting me up for every three weeks.

Jack Penny said...

GLAAD? HRC? Are you kidding? You're resorting to threats? What a fragile ego you have. Plus, GLAAD is too busy attacking Snicker’s commercials and HRC is too busy shuffling money around.

Then again, GLAAD loves to attack small, mundane, and pointless causes…

Matt, I'm really sorry ‘Gay or Jersey’ had to give you the breaking news that you look like a dork. Here's the truth: you now look like a bigger dork WITHOUT the picture.

This site was funny and all my friends love it. (plus… now we know one guy is gay… we’re anxiously awaiting the answer to the other four!!!)

Anonymous said...

Nothing you've said ever came across as anti-gay....only anti-Jersey. I'm so sad to see this site go. It cracks me up!

katy said...

I truly hope you will continue to post, aside from wanting to be entertained, because I hope it will inspire people like "Matthew" to take on one of the worthwhile causes he mentioned instead of whining about his inclusion on this site. You are making a statement about intrinsically different subcultures adopting the same outward image, and it is FUNNY. Perhaps if he devoted less energy to feeding his ego, and more to the causes he claims are more pressing, his altruism would have been clear on his social networking page. If he had the kind of depth of character he asserts, he would not have found it necessary to pose without a shirt in the first place. Now that his feelings are hurt, and he invokes two organizations who are doing important, culturally significant work (GLAAD and HRC.) To trivialize the strides those organizations have made in advancing tolerance and understanding by implying that his cause – spawned by his poor taste in music and ridiculous picture - is worthy of their attention is the best evidence of ego-maniacism. There is no pride, when forced to recognize yourself as you are perceived by others, in failing to evolve. Perhaps if he does not like how he was portrayed, the onus lays with him to change.

With best wishes,

PS To “Matthew”: If you have been the target of homophobic statements, perhaps you should get some new friends.

Anonymous said...

Please post again! I missed it!


If you piss people off, you must be doing something right!



Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Billy said...

Oh my God Matt, they did not steal a picture of you from your house nor did they physically take the picture themselves without your knowledge YOU PUT YOUR PICTURE ON THE INTERNET!!!!! You entered an un-copyrighted image into the public domain. Do you understand the internet and how it works at all? If you are so concerned about the way your image is perceived take down your pictures from the internet.

I'm sensing by your posts an internalized homophobia which is really sad.

Jonathan said...

The site was not commenting on you as a person, Matthew. It was commenting on superficial information - your picture and what music you like. I gather you are not a personal trainer, but rather do some sort of physical therapy. If that's true, you could have posted a comment saying that, and I would bet Hank McCoy would have written a correction. I believe he wrote at least one when he posted incorrect information before. It was a mistake, and if you want to get upset about that, it is your call. But that doesn't make this homophobic. And I don't know why you're quoting pigeon holed and token gay, but neither is true. The scope of the site is GAY or JERSEY. There was never anything written that alluded to you as being ONLY gay. Only that of those two very specific options you were GAY and not JERSEY. That is not pigeon holing. And you were not the token gay. Being a token gay would require that you were put on the site mere to have a gay person included, clearly not true on a GAY or JERSEY site. It would also require that you were the ONLY gay man on the site. This is also very much not the case.

And just so you know, this site did not allow people to target you. Whoever contacted you with homophobic remarks is an asshole with too much time on their hands. But they could have done it REGARDLESS of this site. If Hank found your profile, anyone could have. And I feel compelled to reiterate that profile specifc information was not given. They didn't even list which social networking site your profile was on!

Jonathan said...

And Hank, it is not splitting hairs to make fun of (homophobic) Guidos that try to look like Gays, without actually making fun of Gays in the process.

David said...

Firstly, "Coretta" getting caught in a spell-check does not diminish my point. If you do not like people poking fun at your picture, stay off the internet.

Calling someone's keen observations about your peacock posed picture "homophobia" is ridiculous at best... crying wolf at worst. Don't cheapen real homophobia because we don't think your picture is A&F worthy.

You're a fine looking guy in a bad picture. Deal. Take some more cute beefcake shots, see if we rail on you, and move on.

Pass Around said...

Just wait until you see your wikipedia entry. You'll really go crazy then!

Dawn said...

People are missing the point that NO ONE asked Matt for permission to use his picture on this website. Regardless if it was a public profile or not, you are still required to ask somone's permission before using their likeness.

shut the fuck up u worhtless piece of shit said...

I am the biggest fag around. In fact, I spent all of last weekend getting my ass plowed by no less than 4 guys. Good times. But I digress. The point is this is the funniest damn thing I have seen in a long time and have told all my friends about it. You know what is wrong with this country...not that there is homophobia...but that we have turned into a bunch of fucking pussies...and believe me, I HATE pussies!

So please continue to post. The last time I checked we still had freedom of speech in this country...tho this administration is certainly hard at work trying to take that away from us too...so before the iron curtain comes down and you are hauled off to the gulag...PLEASE keep the funny shit coming. And if anyone has a problem with it, tell them to go fuck themselves, cause obviously they are so uptight they probably haven’t had a good piece of dick in a long time.


Billy said...

No Dawn you are missing the point, you only need permission if you use someone's likeness to sell or endorse a product. Not the case here. Also under the fair use act allows material, even copyrighted material, to be used in criticism and parody.

Roy said...

As a gay man, I thought the site was awesome! I loved it. It was laugh out loud funny!

Anonymous said...

I just found this site last night and almost pissed my pants. I used to live in NYC and was quite familiar with the Jersey Guido -- and I'm a total fag hag. Disappointment does not describe my feelings about all the posts being deleted. This site was the most humorous I've found in months. At some point, I thought I hit the end of the internetz. When I found you, my faith was restored. Also, Dawn, permission can be sought, but need not be granted. Someone put up a photo in a public forum, therefore, it becomes subject to fair use. In addition, the individual in question is not famous, so he is not entitled to rights of publicity. Bone up on intellectual property laws before you start spouting nonsense.

Mala said...

I missed all the good shit.
As usual.
A pox on my inability to surf the net faster and more efficiently!

This world is getting so's a body can't make or take a joke these days.

Everyone is up in arms. Everyone's offended. Everyone's epidermis is thinner than an onion skin. It's sickening. Soon enough we won't be able to think/speak/write about anything at all without some dadblamed fool throwing the hissiest of fits.

There's so much more to worry about - like the fact that the cost of living makes it hard for a person to eke out an existence above the poverty level - than what is written on a blog.

Whoever didn't like this should have felt more than free to click their collective asses to another site. This makes me so angry.


We're under attack, in more ways than one.

Ok. I got it. I know how to make up for missing the hilarity that had to have been present on this blog for some little pantywaisted Nancy-boy to have complained enough for you to remove your posts and stopped with the funny...
I'm going to go out tomorrow night to some godforsaken club in Chelsea, have a Bacardi Limon (or three) on the rocks and play a live version of Gay or Jersey.

Come back!

M. out...

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to the freedom of speech--

This site cracked me up-- it was great--

Meghan said...

PLEASE put everything back up! I was bragging about you to my (non jersey-ish) Jersey guy friends, send a link...and nothing! Now you are picking on people with a sense of humor! Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!!! You did not stop because of someone with no sense of humor, did you?!?! I thought your site was so funny. Please don't stop!

-A work grunt who needs a laugh.

Anonymous said...

please dont give up i would like to send some pics i found on the net

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone has remarked on the following, but this site is treating the fact that it is something *new* for straight male Jerseyites of a certain ethnicity usually (Guidos, if you will) to groom themselves well, dress in a "Chelsea" fashion, etc. In fact, has it ever occurred to you that perhaps the Chelsea look itself was stolen from the guidos? This might seem absurd, but it is NOT. I'm a gay guy from New Jersey who, though not a guido, grew up among them, and who, moreover, wrote about this phenomenon for an anthropology class at Rutgers almost 20 YEARS ago.

As early as the 1950s, before the term guido had even been used, there was a stereotypical look that was called "Nicky Newarker". Put a 50s twist on it, and it's much the same look that you could see NJ guidos--and Chelsea guys--sporting today. Actually, it was sort of Chelsea boy meets leatherboy: back in the 1950s, when most Italian youths were growing up in tough city environments, they were in fact in GANGS..gangs that required their members to sport a certain James Dean, greased hair, leather jacket type of like look. Guys spent hours getting their hair just right before leaving their cold-water flats to go bust some ass.

These high school dropouts, juvenile delinquent types were the fathers of the first group to be called "guidos": those who were teenagers/young adults in the 1980s. The 1980s take on the 1950s Nicky Newarker look added better nutrition and gym memberships to the same basic, well primped look.

The Chelsea look, I think, which also originated in the 1980s, emerged in a time when at least a fifth of the population of NYC was still Italian. It was a reaction to what certain guys, many Italian themselves, perceived to be a masculine ideal.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Love the site!

Anonymous said...

You're not back up yet?? how much more encouragement do you need??

you have the support of everyone, so what's the problem.

it's been how many days??

lolcatz said...

O noes! how iz i sposed to get me lol's from surfing the intertubes?

Broady said...

Looks like I missed all of the fun. Damn.

Well, to hell with freedom of speech, right? If everyone is easily cowed and expected to buckle under pressure from a few, but vocal, critics, nothing would be worth reading.

Furthermore, why is okay to to ridicule Jersey Guidos, but patently offensive to make fun of gays? Jersey Guidos everywhere should be up in arms, according to that (flawed) logic. South Park would have folded after the first episode, and then where would the world be? (I keed).

Grow a pair and come back, please.

Anonymous said...

can you at least give us the answers to your last post??

Anonymous said...

Dude, this blog was hilarous... why is it gone?

Anonymous said...

is this back yet?

Josh Drimmer said...

I should be asleep. all I'll say it...laughing and crying actually are the same thing. which do you prefer?

Flip X said...

You guys created wonderful satire here - don't let a few prudes stop you! This homo, for one, would love some more comical stereotyping. :)

Anonymous said...

is this back yet???????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Emele said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

Why? i still can't believe we the gawker mob ruined this.
please come back!

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) look at that emo boy one at this blog:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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